How often profits are paid?

Profits are paid every month, each month’s earnings are paid by the 5th weekday of next month.

How are the profits paid?

Profits are paid to each token monthly based on investment returns.

Are there any risks involved?

Typically the investment company trades only with low risk positions. However, there is a risk of losing invested capital due to adverse market conditions and counterparty risks. Please see out whitepaper section 'Risks'.

Is company income and balance sheet audited?

Yes, the company is audited and the audited income and balance sheets are published to investors.

Will you publish your holdings and trades?

Yes, the holdings of each currency and assets will be published. The trades will be also published in general level after them being completed.

Why should I invest in this instead of buying Bitcoin or Ether?

Generally, if you expect chosen cryptocurrency to increase in value within chosen timeframe, you should just buy it outright. We have deep belief in cryptocurrencies and we are believers in hodling.Hhowever, Dynamoid token offers different kind of exposure to general cryptomarkets and reduces the volatility of portfolio consisting solely of cryptocurrencies.

How does your expected performance compare to other assets?

In typical rising market directly owning cryptocurrencies will yield better returns. Vice versa, in down market Dynamoid market neutral strategy will yield better. Our strategy is designed to generate positive cryptocurrency returns despite market conditions.

Does owning tokens mean owning the company?

Yes, as a owner of one token you are owner of one company bond.

Is Dynamoid token a security?

Dynamoid token is not a security as defined in Limited Liability Company Act, since the underlying debt bond can not be separated from the token and transferred to a third party separately. However, owning the token gives you the associated rights and responsibilities described in preferred offering terms as a holder of bond.