White paper


Cryptocurrencies and other cryptoassets are by far the best performing asset class of 2017. Despite the huge growth, markets are still very immature although developing rapidly. At Dynamoid, we have analysed historical data of several pairs of cryptocurrencies and tens of exchanges. Per our research, we have discovered significant profit opportunities from price differences with low risk.

Dynamoid Ltd is a cryptocurrency company designated for profiting in market making and arbitrage trading in and between different cryptocurrency exchanges and assets. The company has the goal of generating positive cryptocurrency returns irrespective of the prices of the underlying cryptoassets, because the chosen trading strategies rely on small but frequent profits from market movements and mispricing.

The company offers regular, non-accredited investors investment token as a way to access investment strategies normally offered only to high networth individuals or institutions. We also make the portfolio reporting much more transparent than traditional hedge funds do, delivering daily portfolio snapshots automatically to all investors and audited balance sheets. As a general positive external effect, our increased trading offers benefits to all participants; better liquidity and smaller price differences around exchanges.

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